Five Series
Five Series Cover

You do hundreds of things everyday, but are you doing the right things? Are you putting “first things first,” mastering time, and avoiding common distractions? Does your lifestyle prove your claimed priorities? God is calling each of us to be more disciplined so that we develop serious faith, solid families, and secure finances. Are you currently answering His call?

This audio series entitled “Five” can help you ensure that each day of your life moves you towards your God-desired destiny. In this series, Pastor Trevon Gross teaches the process of creating and confidently living out a personal “Rule of Five” (5 daily God-guided activities that, if done consistently over time, allow you to accomplish your destined course). If you are ready to create a lifestyle that is truly dedicated to achieving, journey with this series to discover your personal “Five.” Step by step, you can travel to your appointed place in Christ.

This series includes the following teachings:   1)  First Things First

                                                                          2) A Matter of Time

                                                                          3) Everyday

                                                                          4) Prioritize Your Life

                                                                          5) The Greatest Investment

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