Grass or Weed

Dear Woman of Passion,

God has placed purpose within you but without pursuit of your Creator you’ll never see it. God has promised you prosperity but without the deliberate decision to use your faith, you won’t possess it.  God has promised you health, peace, joy and so much more, but without the conscious decision to change habits, you will not experience it.  Always keep in mind, “faith without works is dead.

As you head towards the New Year, decide now to be the best you can be.  Decide to see His purposes and plans fulfilled in your life by activating your faith.  In other words, turn it on!  Turn it on high!  Put into practice the disciplines that interrupt habits, feel uncomfortable and seem futile; yet with consistency, they yield the change you’ve been waiting for.

Here are three things you can actively do.  First, speak aloud what God promised you. Don’t request but identify the scripture you need and want, then give thanks for it.  Every day thank God for His promise, though you cannot see it.  May sound crazy, but you can change your life just by changing your choice of words.  Regardless of what you factually see, thank God because you believe Him, truth, instead.

Next, decide to praise God every day.  Don’t wait for the band on Sunday mornings.  Strike up your own joyful noise with shouts of delight in Him.  Praise Him as if you’ve already received what you’ve prayed for.  That’s how you work your faith and move God!

Then, discipline yourself to seek Him without interruption and distraction by diligently praying in the Spirit (praying in other tongues) for at least 30 minutes daily.  Pray His will for your life (Romans 8:27) without intrusion.  You may not feel differently, but you are making a difference.

In these three ways you demonstrate what you believe.  And a demonstration of what you believe is faith in action. I’m not just telling you what someone else said, I’m telling you what I’ve tried and proven.

We’re women of passion, purpose and priority making the difference!


Pastor Qwynn