Spiritual Gifts

Hello Women of Passion!

God has graced you to be a carrier of at least one of the nine gifts of the Spirit:  The Gift of Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Healings, Working of Miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of spirits, Kinds of tongues and the Interpretation of Tongues (1 Corinthians 12:8).  Now is the time to sensitize yourself to your gift(s) and appreciate God’s desire to use these gifts within you. Many times your thoughts are notyour own, but the gifts at work:  A daydream may not just be your imagination but it may be a God given vision.  Sometimes the intuition you credit for knowing a person’s character is really the gift of Discernment.  You’re probably filled with gifts that are crucial and vital to the decisions of another person but you’re holding them as if it’s just for you.

For instance, I remember when a friend of mine was waiting at a red light in her car next to mine.  We were both unmarried and should have been heading home, but as she and I waited for the light to turn to green, Holy Spirit revealed to me she was heading in the wrong direction and towards a bad decision.  Months later and after she shared being pregnant, I asked if that night at the red light was the night, and she confirmed, yes.  The Gift of Knowledge was at work in my life, but I chose to keep the knowledge to myself (as if it was for me) rather than warn her that her decision was not the best one for her life.

My point is you have gifts too.  Holy Spirit is working through you for the sake of another, and it is your responsibility as a believer, as God’s mouthpiece, His vessel to avail yourself to His will for His people.  That’s what making Him Lord includes.  It’s yielding to whatever He wants to say because we’re messengers.  It’s doing what He asks us to do because we’re appointed in that moment for that person.  It’s removing self from the equation because it’s not about us.  It’s about our willingness to let God be glorified through us in another person’s life.

It’s easy to sing songs: “Anointing fall on me, let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me, anointing fall on me.” But for what if we’re not going to avail ourselves?  It’s easy to pray, “Use me Lord!”  Well where, if it’s not with anyone He sends our way to serve?  It’s a beautiful thing to have gifts, but if we’re not willing to develop ourselves, how does it profit?

Women of Passion, you have gifts and now is the time to pursue God regarding those gifts.  If you’re unsure seek God until you are sure.  If you know but you feel inadequate or weak, develop yourself by starting.  The only way to strengthen gifts of the Spirit is by using them.   Walk by faith and act.  I’ve always said, with God one word turns into a sentence and then a paragraph, but He starts by giving one word.  Be faithful with the one word.  Woman of God, prophesy, lay your hands on the sick, believing.  Don’t just stand there as though impotent, decree and declare! God’s got your back!  Your gifts belong to you because God placed them there.  Don’t let them lay dormant because of fear or ignorance.  Develop yourself today because you’re a woman of Passion!

We’re women of passion, purpose and priority making the day count!