Stop With The Excuses!

Dear Woman of Passion,

When things in life fail to meet expectations it’s real easy to place blame on others or offer reasons why that something went wrong, excluding self along the way. It’s called giving excuses, which is to offer rationale, explanations and justification when there is a problem, failure or disappointment.

Instead of being honest with self and accountable, excuses are a false sense of security that impede personal growth. You think you have been released from cause and result, or you think you have been convincing enough to clear yourself, but in the end, you have as my grandmother use to say, “fooled yourself”. If it’s never your fault, and never because of you, you may be living an illusion and frustrating those who love you while hindering yourself from going to the next level in life. No one likes to make mistakes, or admit to failings, but it’s one of the ways we grow in our thinking, our relationships, and in our Father.

Take responsibility and stop making excuses and/or blaming others for what’s wrong or why you do not have, why you could not be, or cannot do. I remember when an employee was released from their position for inappropriate behavior. Rather than acknowledging where they personally failed, they spewed allegations of fault against a co-worker rather than self. It was a very immature approach to what could have been a life learning experience. Always remember, maturity doesn’t come with age, maturity comes through conscious decisions.

As a believer, you’re not absolved from mistakes, problems and feelings of disappointment, frustration, and plain anger, but you determine personal behavior; and when the dust settles, you must critique yourself to determine your role in everything. Whether getting a speeding ticket, being charged for an over drafted account, or missing out on a promotion–and whatever else–consider yourself first. An honest look at personal behavior may hurt your ego but it’s a response that will help you become a better person.

Excuses block the help you need from God and rob you of God’s will, but with honesty and humility, God can help you and even increase you. Consider King Solomon and King Saul. King Solomon could have used his age to excuse himself from being a good leader to people, but he made a decision to grow up when he called on God for help (1 Kings 3:7). In contrast, King Saul lost his position as king because he blamed the people’s desires as a reason for ignoring God’s directive (1 Samuel 15:10-23). Each of these men had an excuse, but while one dismissed his excuse to live in purpose, the other missed purpose because of an excuse.

Woman of Passion, stop with the excuses! Mature in your thinking and soar in your life because you are a woman of passion, purpose and priority making the day count!