The Open Door

Dear Woman of Passion,

A couple of years ago my youngest child asked for a bird.  We gave her one, and while the bird is in his birdcage daily, there are times when I will reach into the cage to get him out so he can fly around a bit.  Recently I decided I shouldn’t have to get him out of the cage but if the door is propped open he can fly out on his own.  Seemed easy enough.  To my surprise however, the bird is anxious to get out, yet he stays in his cage day and night with the door wide open waiting for me to reach in to get him out so he can fly:  An open door, yet he waits.

His inhibition made me wonder how many of us have an open door before us but we are waiting for someone–God–to come in and get us out?  We see opportunities to start a business, we have ideas to launch something different, we meet people who have staying power in our lives and we’re ready for change, yet, our hang-ups and inhibitions imprison us.  We see, but mental blocks, internal barriers, and embedded fears, blind us.  The door is open, but we’re waiting.

Why don’t we just come out of the cage?  For the bird, I showed him the door was open by passing him back and forth through the doorway, and he was free.  He was so free I had to detain him again.  You however can never be too free!  You can see the promises of God for your life and be set free by them.  “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32, NKJ)

Woman of passion, ask God to open your eyes so you can see, then see your Father as the One who empowers you to do all things.  See your God as the One who freely gives to us all things.  See the Almighty as the One who works miracles in your life just as He did in days of old.  Woman of passion, believe!  See yourself as the recipient of all things good, all things blessed, and all things God has stored up for you as His own.

Get out of your own way and use the open door.  The obstacles and roadblocks we see and accept are barriers that we have the power to change.  Stop doubting what’s possible for you.  Stop second-guessing how it can happen for you.  Stop saying what can never happen to you.  Stop waiting for God to give you just one break, one opportunity, or one chance–and start!

Start where you are with what you have and see God bring the increase (2 Kings 4:2-3) and promotion (Matthew 25:14-30).  Prove yourself faithful with what you have because you recognize you do have something to offer.  Assess what barrier keeps you from pursuing or attaining your dreams and goals, then push past it.  Determine what is standing in your way, and change it.  Decide you are the only one who can limit you, then take an initiative.

Will you hit a roadblock?  Maybe, but you can be assured of God’s promise:  He will not let you be put to shame when you put your hope in Him (Psalm 25:3).

See your doors open instead of closed and always remember, we’re women of passion, purpose and priority making the day count!


Pastor Qwynn