Tough Decisions

Dear Woman of Passion,

Making decisions can be tough at times especially when you want and need the very best outcome possible.  Esther and Ruth both had to make tough decisions in their lives and it’s because of their outcome that they serve as examples to us when we must make difficult decisions with the hope of favorable results.

Raised by her Uncle Mordecai, Esther was the king’s wife who was told an edict to annihilate her people was decreed.  Startled with the news and with great pressure, she had to decide between her uncle’s conviction and potential death (Esther 4:9-14).  Then there’s Ruth whose husband surprisingly passed away and whose mother-in-law without warning tells her she’s moving then advises her to return to her homeland.  Without notice, she must decide whether she will remain loyal to a family that has nothing to offer her, or return to her own people for a fresh start (Ruth 1:6-18).

Both ladies made a decision that at face value looked as if they would lose.  Both had to make a quick decision that would affect their entire future, and both chose to value another above themselves.  Each lady made a sacrifice, Esther declared a fast and Ruth forsook all, neither knew what would happen in the end.  They made the kind of decision you will alsohave to make at some point in your life:  a decision not knowing what will happen in the end.

There are times when necessary decisions are tough to make; and while we may have people to counsel us, the decision we make to honor God regardless of possible outcome is the decision to see favorable results.  God will not let us sacrifice for Him or His people in vain.  You may feel like you’ll get the short end of the stick, or that someone else will profit from your sacrifice, but the decision you make to bring glory to God will, like Esther and Ruth, afford you the results that only come through sacrifice of self.

Woman of passion, honoring God should be our priority no matter what decision we must make in life.  In this manner you cannot lose.

We’re women of passion, purpose and priority making the day count!


Pastor Qwynn